Yoga for Hormones during menopause

The time of menopause is a phase of major change in life. The changes in hormonal levels are accompanied by the physical and psychological changes that women most often complain about.

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When the production of estrogen and progesterone begins to decline during menopause, various symptoms of a lack of these hormones appear: a state of constant irritation, emotional instability, hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, dry urogenital mucosa, deterioration of the skin, hair, nails, headaches, joint pain, weight gain. In some cases, this can lead to serious consequences, such as the onset of osteoporosis, high cholesterol levels, and therefore susceptibility to heart and artery disease. The most common treatment used during menopause is the use of hormones. Is pharmacology the only effective solution?

It turns out that yoga can be used as a natural therapy, improving hormone production. We call this therapy Hormone Healing Yoga or Hormone Yoga. It is a dynamic type of yoga that uses the easy to learn exercises and techniques of hatha yoga and pranayama (balanced breathing exercises). The exercises are designed to activate the production of female hormones in the ovaries, thyroid gland, pituitary gland and adrenal glands.

Preliminary study results show that hormone therapy can increase hormone levels, eliminate or minimize bothersome symptoms and restore well-being. 64 perimenopausal women participated in the initial pilot program testing the effectiveness of this form of therapy and practiced hormone yoga regularly under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. After about 4 months of practicing this form of yoga, my symptoms disappeared. The frequency (number of days per month) and the period (number of months) of practice of the exercises were closely related to the increase in hormone levels. In 8 months, all participants had an objective and subjective improvement in their health.

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The level of hormones starts to decrease at the age of 40, at this time there are no visible symptoms in the body yet, but prophylactic measures are very important at this time so that the next menopause can go smoothly. The experience of many women shows that the practice of hormonal yoga is a natural solution to the problems of the menopause.

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