What can I eat instead of candy? Healthy alternatives

How can you replace candy to satisfy your sweet tooth and eat healthy at the same time? Instead of candy, use dried fruit, preferably without added sugar or preservatives.

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Sugar addiction is a hard addiction to win. Stopping sugar quickly won’t help – it’s best to gradually reduce the amount of candy, and if you sweeten coffee or tea – look for sugar substitutes or stop sweetening.

What to replace candy to avoid going to unhealthy sweeteners? Contrary to appearances, there are quite a few alternatives to candy.

What to replace candy: a ready-made list

  • Fresh fruit – check the calorie count of the fruit, so you don’t reach for the sweetest,
  • Baked apple,
  • 2-3 cubes of dark chocolate,
  • dried fruit, including fruit chips,
  • pudding,
  • jelly,
  • plain yogurt,
  • healthy cereal bars,
  • hazelnuts,
  • fruit and vegetable cocktails,
  • rice wafers with low sugar jam,
  • fresh carrot,
  • banana/raspberry/strawberry ice cream mixed with plain yogurt,
  • chia pudding.

What to replace sugar?

Sugar isn’t just candy. If you don’t want to go without a homemade cake or can’t imagine a coffee without sugar, you can replace it. Here are some healthy sugar substitutes:

  • erythritol,
  • stevia,
  • xylitol.

Erythritol is not metabolized in the body, so it can be considered as not providing calories. Xylitol, or birch sugar, has half the calories of regular beet sugar.

Make no mistake, cane sugar, brown sugar or coconut sugar are good substitutes for white sugar. They contain the same amount of calories as white sugar – about 400 kcal per 100 g.

Why is it worthwhile to limit sweets?

By eliminating sugary drinks from your diet, you can lose 2 to 3 kilos in one year. It’s important not to look for unhealthy substitutes for your favorite drinks, but to use water and unsweetened vegetable juices. The sweeteners in sugary drinks can reduce the efficiency of the kidneys, cause diarrhea and contribute to the development of diabetes.

What are the properties of chamomile?

Limiting sweets will benefit the skin: products with a high glycemic index intensify acne lesions and reduce the elasticity of the skin, which ages faster.

Taking in too much sugar also has a negative effect on the appearance of hair. Dry, brittle hair falls out more easily.

It is certainly not necessary to mention how much sugar destroys tooth enamel. Being overweight and obese is not healthy or particularly aesthetic either. You may be wondering what to replace candy with because you’ve noticed that you’ve gained weight.

How to give up candy in 5 steps?

  1. Replace cookies, bars, and chocolates with fruit – they contain less sugar and are free of sweeteners such as glucose-fructose syrup. At the same time, they will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  2. Allow yourself a little “sin” now and then – a few chocolate bars now and then certainly won’t make anyone obese. The key is moderation.
  3. Tell others you’re giving up sweets. If those around you know you’re struggling with it, they won’t treat you. Who knows, maybe someone will even join in?
  4. Start with a small sacrifice – 10 days without bars is an easier goal than 100 days. When you stick to your resolution for a week, you will be tempted to do more.

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