Top 10 Anti-Fatigue Yoga Poses

Are you feeling sluggish, low on energy? For fatigue, whether related to stress, anxiety or a lack of sleep, yoga is extremely beneficial. Combined with breathing, the practice restores tone and soothes the body and mind.

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Yoga, a great anti-fatigue

Yogis assure us that, when practiced regularly, yoga works miracles when we feel drained and tired. “Yoga with mindful breathing energizes the body and mind. We restore the energy in the parts of the body that are tired,” observes our yoga teacher. But which postures to turn to? “The best anti-fatigue postures are the forward bends (where the body leans forward) which soothe the nervous system by allowing energy to circulate along the spine. They can be coupled with standing postures in lateral stretching (the body leaning to the side) and with an opening of the chest which allow feeling invigorated and less exhausted“.

Before practicing

  • All the postures can be linked together in the same session as in a flow. In this case, our yoga teacher advises practicing in the morning in order to “rebalance the nervous system and to energize yourself at the same time”.
  • If we practice them separately, we adapt the session according to our fatigue. For example, if we want to find energy for the day, “we realize in the morning preferably the lateral stretching and the more vigorous postures” to reboost ourselves, namely: the posture of the hands towards the sky, the lateral stretching, the head down dog, the grasshopper, the half-bridge. And we finish by the savasana.
  • It is preferable to practice in the evening if you are exhausted if you wish to unload the tensions accumulated during the day and to calm down. “In this case, one carries out the postures in front bending”, namely: the standing clamp, the cat-cow, the sitting clamp, the posture of the child, the savasana. “These postures will soothe and calm the nervous system and regenerate the body in the evening.”

1- Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

Why is this good? This posture soothes and revitalizes the nervous system, relieves stress and mild depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

How do we do? Stand with your feet hip-width parallel. Bend your knees and lean fully forward. Inhale and firmly press your feet into the ground to remain stable. Exhale and let the stomach rest on the thighs. Relax your back and neck. Stay on 5 breaths. Unroll your back and go back up.

2- Upward Salute Pose (Urdhva Hastasana)

Why is this good? This pose lengthens the spine, strengthens the arms and legs, improves self-confidence and opens the chest.

How do we do ? Anchor yourself in a mountain pose: stand straight with your body grown, feet hip-width apart, hips aligned, thighs contracted and stomach slightly tucked in. Your feet press their entire length into the ground.

Inhale and bring your arms above your head, your hands shoulder-width apart. Exhale and relax your shoulders, keeping your arms stretched out above your head, gazing between your hands. Stay 3 breaths then release the arms at your sides.

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