Too much stress? Try Tai Chi!

Are you looking for a way to effectively calm down and relax amidst the daily media hype? Do you feel that every part of your body is overwhelmed with stress? It’s time to change that and open yourself to the harmony and relaxation that comes from systematic Tai Chi training!

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The fast pace of modern life and the lack of time for balanced physical activity means that the rush of life begins to overwhelm us, and the stress at every stage of life painfully affects the body and soul. In order to effectively defend yourself against this, you need to find the right way to calm down and harmonize.

In the case of pregnant women, people with low back pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis – it is recommended to consult a doctor and perform only those exercises that are allowed by the health condition.

Is Tai chi relaxing?

Tai Chi is a great way to relax and work out in one. This strengthening workout is based on slow, coordinated body movements that are strictly adhered to. proper sequence. It is recommended for anyone who cannot overload their body with dynamic exercises. Since it is an effective relaxation for the body and soul, there is no age limit to practice it. Tai Chi requires full attention to movement, breathing, nature sounds, or soothing music.

Where to practice?

If you are a beginner, it is worth going to group classes, which are often available in the program of most fitness classes. Such a solution has another undoubtedly important element: the participants motivate and support each other, allowing the creation of a specific atmosphere, a positive mental and energetic potential. However, if you prefer individual classes and have such an opportunity (especially in the summer), it is worthwhile to exercise outside, where the area is characterized by peace, greenery, and peace, for example, in a park or a spacious forest.

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What to wear?

There is no mandatory dress code. There is one rule: it must be practical and comfortable. We recommend loose-fitting and sporty clothing, preferably made of natural and breathable materials. In order to be as close to nature as possible, nylons or other artificial materials that interfere with fluidity and freedom of movement are not recommended. It is preferable to practice barefoot or in light shoes, necessarily on a flat sole.

When is the best time to exercise?

We will get the best results from Tai Chi training by doing exercises immediately after waking up. Then the workout will be an excellent warm-up and the right amount of exercise and oxygenation for the whole day. This will make it easier for you to focus on any task, collect your thoughts and deal with stress more quickly.

How do I exercise?

Classes should begin with a warm-up to relax the body and mind, followed by one or more sequences, one after the other, in a gentle manner. Don’t forget about balanced breathing.

How long does it take to learn Tai Chi?

This art of achieving relaxation and inner harmony takes time, consistency and motivation. At the beginning of your Tai Chi adventure, you should set aside at least 30 minutes. It is worthwhile to exercise 2 or 3 times a week. To fully enjoy the first pro-health effects, you need at least 3 months of training.

Note – Tai Chi is addictive, so if you manage to persevere during the first month, each subsequent class will probably be pure pleasure, to which you will gladly return.

Training Effects:

  • Tai Chi has a noticeable effect on the entire body, reducing all tension, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure and increasing strength and flexibility as well as motor coordination.
  • By restoring good circulation and relieving tension in muscles, ligaments and tendons, it helps to optimize the functioning of the whole body, all its systems, organs and tissues, thus increasing comfort and freedom of life.
  • The Tai Chi exercise, due to the specificity of the movements, perfectly synchronizes the work of the cerebral hemispheres and widens the field of vision and hearing, stimulating the work of the nervous system. It improves concentration and perfects new skills.
  • It helps to increase creativity and improve your problem solving skills, as calming your mind during training gives you a clearer view of the situation and facilitates the opening to new ideas and possibilities.
  • Because of the relaxation, it gradually develops the balance of body, mind and spirit. Allowing you to increase your sensitivity, feeling more and more in harmony with the surrounding nature. It allows you to stop for a moment and enjoy the little things and see things that were not visible before.
  • It straightens the figure, gently shapes the muscles and successfully improves the efficiency of daily activities.
  • Systematic training builds self-esteem and improves self-confidence, which translates into the ease of overcoming obstacles and possible stress.
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