The degree of cellulite – how to check

Self-analysis is not difficult – even if you don’t have professional equipment.

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Cellulite has many stages of advancement. Find out what stage your skin qualifies for and learn tips on how to fight orange peel skin, no matter what stage it is!

The first stage of cellulite

What does it look like? It’s barely visible (not lying down at all), only after squeezing the skin with one hand do slight irregularities appear. Even teenagers can get it (especially before menstruation, when the body retains water).

Action plan: at this point, the easiest way to eliminate the problem. Change your diet, start moving more, massage your body in the shower with a rough glove or sponge to stimulate circulation. Alternating showers will also be good: 40 seconds hot (neck down), 20 seconds cold (ankles to waist) – 4 repetitions each.

The second degree of cellulite

What does it look like? The skin is still fairly smooth (especially when you lie down), but when pressed, bumps appear on it. The tissue may be hardened and you feel pain when pressure is applied.

Action plan: In addition, do drainage massages, start exercising regularly (cycling is very good against cellulite).

The Third degree of cellulite

What does it look like? Even without compressing the skin, folds, bumps, and irregularities are visible – both standing and sitting. You may feel painful bumps with your hand.

Action plan: home efforts are no longer enough here. Opt for a series of professional treatments in the office. Then, to maintain the effects of the therapy, repeat the treatment once a month. Do regular lymphatic drainage.

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The Fourth degree of cellulite

What does it look like? The body is wavy, no matter what position you are in. Skin looks like cauliflower, it is “gelatinous”. Large bumps visible to the naked eye. Strong pain even with light pressure.

Plan of action: this is where medical treatment comes in handy – a course of mesotherapy. Then, as a preventive measure, go to the beauty salon and regularly for drainage. You will probably have to repeat mesotherapy once a year. If you have a tendency to swell, you can also help yourself with medications that improve the functioning of the venous system. Consult your doctor beforehand.

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