Pilates in the pool – Tone your muscles with aqua Pilates

We combine the useful with the pleasant – the magic of water with the benefits of stretching exercises…

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Not every trip to the pool has to involve forty minutes of wall-to-wall swimming. Exercising in water has great toning properties and, thanks to buoyancy, doesn’t stress the joints at all. The cooler temperature of the water helps burn fat, while the resistance adds a wonderful load to some exercises by forcing your muscles to work harder. Can you imagine a better combo?

1. This exercise combines elements of yoga and Pilates to phenomenally affect the entire arms, legs, and waist.

We stand in the water up to chest height. Arms extended at your sides. Lift your right leg slightly backward while moving both arms slightly forward. The back stays straight, the abdominal muscles are stretched and the chest is pushed forward. We repeat each step 10 times.

2. This squat will help you develop a slim bottom, thighs, and a flat stomach.

You stand on the swim board with your feet apart. You extend your arms out to your sides for balance. Slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the bottom of the pool. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 9 more times.

3. A good stretch for your arms and the back of your thighs helps you work your abs.

Stand at a depth where the water is waist-deep. Tighten your abdominal muscles and stretch your arms forward slightly. Lift one leg until it is parallel to the ground, then take a big step forward. Repeat with the other leg and take ten steps together.

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4. And finally, something perfect for the buttocks and waist – the great assets of every woman – as long as you earn them correctly.

Stand at the bottom of the water with your arms at your sides and your feet more than shoulder-width apart. Place your feet facing outward. Then stand on your toes and do a squat, keeping your legs apart and your arms balanced. Straighten your legs and lower your heels. Do the exercise 10 times.

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