Mudra for weight loss – how to practice

For headaches, gastric colic, high blood pressure. Hindu mudras heal, energize and help you lose weight!

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What is mudra?

Exercises involving the special arrangement of the fingers of the hand have been used in therapy for centuries. They bring relief from ailments, strengthen immunity and calm the nerves. The effectiveness of these simple exercises can be proven by the fact that mudras were used to help people injured in the Chernobyl disaster!

Where does this extraordinary power between our fingers come from?

There are up to 300 nerve endings on the hands. They respond to tactile stimuli by sending impulses to the brain. These points are also receptors for organs, for example on the thumb there are points for the tonsils, on the little finger – for the heart, intestines, and duodenum. The pressure of the appropriate receptor improves the blood supply to the organ and cleanses it of toxic substances.

How to practice mudra?

The therapy uses 25 hand systems which, according to the principles of oriental medicine, can help even with sudden ailments, for example when you have a stomach cramp, toothache, or sore throat. Each of us reacts individually to mudras – some feel better quickly, others only after 2-3 days of systematic exercise. In chronic diseases, such as rheumatism or enteritis, it takes several weeks for the effects to be felt.

Mudra for slimming

Mudra “Chandman Cup”: increases intestinal peristalsis. By the way, you will cleanse the body of toxic substances.

How to do it? With the fingers of the left hand: small, ring finger, middle finger, and index finger: place the same fingers of the right hand from below. Slightly lift both thumbs.

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Mudra for stress

Earth Mudra: helps to relax after a lot of nervousness, improves your well-being.

How to do it? Connect your ring finger and thumb to the pads, press lightly. Straighten slightly your other fingers. Do the exercise with your left and right hands at the same time.

Mudra for intimate diseases

Mudra “Soaring Lotus”: practice when you have a vaginal infection, erosion, and stomach pain.

How to do it? Join the thumbs of both hands, straighten and connect the index and middle fingers with the pads. Place the ring and the little fingers at the base of the middle fingers.

Mudra for high blood pressure

Mudra of knowledge: this is one of the most important mudras. It regulates blood pressure, eliminates anxiety, and improves memory.

How to do it? Touch the pad of your thumb with your index finger. Straighten your other fingers freely. Practice with your left and right hands at the same time.

Mudra for bladder infections

Energy Mudra: you will get rid of lower abdominal pain and cleanse the body of toxins.

How to do it? Connect your fingers to the middle finger, ring finger, and thumb. Straighten your other fingers slightly. Exercise simultaneously with both hands.

Mudra for heart problems

Saving lives Mudra: use it if you have heart palpitations. This is how you will also help someone in case of a heart attack.

How to do it? Bend your index finger and touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger. Connect the fingers: middle, ring, and thumb. Straighten the little finger loosely.

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Where and how to practice mudra?

The exercises can be done anywhere. The best results are if you spend 15 minutes on mudras 3 times a day. After a few days, when you feel better, reduce the sessions to 5 minutes. Make sure that your arms are not tense during the exercise. Also, pay attention to calm breathing.

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