Is sparkling water safe?

Sparkling water for your diet and during pregnancy is a good idea unless your problem is heartburn, gas, or ulcers. Sparkling water hydrates faster and increases the feeling of fullness.

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Sparkling water satisfies thirst perfectly, so we like to replace it with plain water. Is this a good idea? Is sparkling water healthy and worth seeking out on a diet?

Sparkling or still water?

Sparkling water does not irrigate worse than still water – this is a popular myth. Sparkling water does not hinder the absorption of valuable elements and can even prevent their deficiency.

Sparkling water stays fresh and microbiologically safe longer. Sparkling water does not damage the enamel either, which cannot be said about sugary soft drinks.

Here are the benefits of drinking plain water:

  • prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies,
  • has a positive effect on the urinary system and the intestines,
  • quenches thirst more quickly,
  • helps to get rid of constipation and indigestion,
  • increases the feeling of fullness.

However, remember that if you drink a lot of carbonated water per day, choose the water with low sodium content.

Do not use carbonated water if you are prone to bloating, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have severe larynx problems, or stomach problems (ulcers, erosions, reflux). Carbonated water should also not be drunk by people with high blood pressure.

Sparkling water during pregnancy

You should drink more water during pregnancy, but it doesn’t really matter if you choose sparkling or still water. Watch your body: carbonated water can irritate the stomach lining, but drinking it will not harm your developing baby in any way. However, if you experience heartburn and flatulence after drinking carbonated water, use plain water.

Dehydration - how do you recognize it?

During pregnancy, do not overdo it with the amount of highly mineralized water (in which the sum of minerals exceeds the level of 1500 mg / l).

Carbonated water in the diet

Drinking water is very important in weight loss because water is essential for the body’s reactions. It is through this that you get rid of the end products of metabolism and the nutrients go to the cells of the body.

If you drink a glass of sparkling water before a meal, you will feel full sooner and end up eating less.

Drinking carbonated water with a diet, however, can cause flatulence, heartburn, and intestinal upset, but that doesn’t mean that similar conditions always occur in everyone.

However, the carbon dioxide in carbonated water does not interfere with weight loss and there is no evidence that it impedes fat burning. Carbon dioxide in water can provide benefits – such water hydrates better after exercise and the body gets rid of toxins faster.

During training, it’s worth choosing water that is not saturated with CO2, as carbonated water can cause your stomach to feel overflowing and your bowels to feel congested.

If you prefer to drink carbonated water, go ahead and take it while dieting.

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