How to eat less – 6 simple tips

It turns out that you can eat fewer calories without sacrificing, lose weight and not feel hungry.

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First, you need to set a goal! In this case, it’s losing a few extra pounds. Now, make a plan of action and think about the easiest way to achieve the figure of your dreams. Food will be the foundation, of course. Starving yourself and following a restrictive diet is the worst option. It’s better to be smart about nutrition. Start eating healthy and it is better to start eating less. But how do you do that?

The good news is that you can control many factors related to eating. Do you find it very difficult? Over time, these solutions will become a habit and you will begin to apply them without thinking.

Here are 6 proven tips to help you eat fewer calories and keep your appetite under control.

1. Enjoy every meal

Enjoy every meal. Instead of rushing through lunch, try to set aside at least 20 minutes to eat a meal calmly. Focus on each bite! With longer pauses between bites, you’ll be able to define the boundary between hunger and fullness. This will help you avoid overeating.

Eating more slowly also means that you will chew each bite longer. This means you’ll have fewer digestive problems and forget what gas is. This may take a little patience on your part, as it’s not so easy to switch to festive meals. How will this benefit your figure? You will eat much less and the ease of finding out will have an impact on your figure.

2. Use smaller plates, bowls, and cups

People who use larger bowls and plates eat significantly more than people who eat smaller dishes. This is confirmed by studies published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Nutritionists were asked to put a bowl of ice cream on themselves. Scientists gave them dishes and spoons of different sizes. It turned out that with the larger vessels, the serving size was 31% larger than with the smaller ones. In the case of the spoons, this disproportion was found to be slightly less, amounting to 14.5%. However, this shows that even people who eat a healthy diet on a daily basis fall under this illusion.

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If you use smaller bowls, you won’t even realize that you are eating less. You won’t notice the difference and you’ll start losing weight.

3. Do not eat directly from the box

How often do you eat chips or cakes straight from the package? Almost always? Try to change it! Because of something so trivial, you have no control over how many meals you eat. Usually, there are several servings in one package, and if you eat from the package, you usually eat everything in it.

Before you start eating something, transfer the portion you want into the bowl. Thanks to this, you will avoid overeating, this will result in a reduction in hip circumference.

4. Know your weaknesses

We all have nutritional weaknesses. My biggest one is ice cream, I love it and have a hard time passing indifferently. I try to control it, but sometimes it’s not easy.

How do you begin to control your weaknesses? Most of the ways are trivial, but they work. First of all, never shop when you are hungry. Otherwise, your favorite cookies or ice cream will always end up in your cart. If you always go to your favorite bakery to get a sweet treat before work, maybe start choosing a different route. It’s pretty absurd, but it usually works.

5. Bet on protein

I was going to write about how to eat less and I urge you to eat more protein. Trust me, I have a reason! Research has shown that protein plays a very important role in regulating food intake and appetite. People who regularly consume this nutrient are able to control their weight. Why does this happen? This nutrient keeps you fuller longer because it takes much longer to digest than, for example, carbohydrates. Therefore, include lean protein in your diet as soon as possible – beans, white meat, dairy products, or egg whites.

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6. Eat breakfast!

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Recent research shows that people who eat breakfast regularly are thinner than those who don’t. Why? Researchers at the University of Texas found that eating a meal early led to a reduction in total food intake throughout the day. Eating breakfast is part of a healthy lifestyle and an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight.

Many people (I was one of them too) are not hungry in the morning. You have to get used to breakfast in small steps. First drink a small portion of a homemade smoothie, then start eating plain yogurt with fruit. After a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever left the house without breakfast.

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