How to control your appetite – 16 top tips

Controlling or even reducing your appetite allows you to limit your daily caloric intake and not give in to snacking. Controlling your appetite is an ideal way to lose weight and can be done naturally thanks to many tips. Here are some of them.

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1- When you feel like eating an extra snack, think about…

… are you really hungry? If you’re not sure, do something else, like calling a friend. It’s very possible that after 15 minutes of absorbing gossip, you’ll forget about your hunger.

2- Make a little effort and write down for a week what you ate and how much you ate…

… from a salty finger to a hearty dinner. Know that the stomach only feels a very large excess of food. By eating at 20%. more than enough to kill hunger, you don’t even notice it and get more. By keeping records, you will learn to better judge portion sizes, because nothing will go unnoticed in your mouth.

3- Don’t fill the fridge with treats

Only buy what you will eat that day. Knowing that everything you want is at hand makes it harder to resist temptation.

4- Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry

Then you’ll probably buy too much, and not diet products either!

5- Beware of appetizing aromas

The smell “warms” the stomach! Notice that when the smell of cinnamon wafts into your apartment from the baked apple pie or fried bacon, you automatically feel like eating. How do you keep your nose from overpowering you at the table? When preparing aromatic dishes, open the window or turn on the hood over the stove. And if you pass a bakery on your way home from work, change your route!

6- Drink juice from tall, narrow glasses, not short, wide ones.

The latter are tricky – we usually drink a third more of it! This is because our eyesight has a natural tendency to exaggerate things vertically. It seems to us that a tall glass is more voluminous. This means we consume fewer calories.

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7- Eating from small plates

They optically enlarge the portions. A piece of cheesecake on a small plate looks much more impressive than when you put it on a huge one. Therefore, it is easier then to curb your appetite and give up the second track.

8- Prepare “puffy” dishes

Cut vegetables into matchsticks or grate them with big eyes. Even a small portion will then look amazing. If you have a hard time giving up desserts, choose those softened with a delicate foam. For example, the forced air in a lemon mousse will make the stomach feel overfilled after only a small dose.

9- Get rid of all the caloric treats in your house

They tempt with effective packaging. Their attractive appearance makes you irresistible or you eat a larger portion. Remember, you eat with your eyes too!

10- When you eat, focus only on eating

Don’t watch TV, turn off the radio, put away the newspaper. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time on the plate than you need to and consume more calories. Just by listening to the news, the excess is one third!

11- Always eat with a clear table

Don’t bet unnecessarily on a variety of foods. Scientists have shown that the fastest way to feel full is when a meal contains only one item. After the third or fourth bite, our appetite decreases. If, on the other hand, there is a lot of food on the table, we awaken our sense of taste and lose moderation.

12- Keep your imagination in check when browsing the menu in a restaurant.

Names of dishes that sound appealing (e.g., “Juicy fish fillet with velvety sauce”) mean that we are ordering much more than we need to satisfy us. So remember: “Juicy Fish Fillet” is just fish and chips! Don’t fill up on extra calories!

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13- Try not to eat too much in large company

A miracle’s appetite whets our own! In the presence of one person, we eat 35 percent. more, in a group of four – 76 percent, and in a group of eight – almost twice as much as when we sit alone at the table.

14- Combat your stress

We know that a tense or nervous person reaches for food almost automatically. And worse, it’s usually sweets. So what can you do? Try to find other ways to silence your anxieties. For example, instead of eating, dance or jump rope. Physical fatigue is great for all the problems of the soul!

15- Find the right motivation to lose weight

For example, “I’ll be fit and start hiking in the mountains without being out of breath.” Or “I’ll finally buy myself some cool skinny jeans.” Properly motivated, you can control your appetite more easily. Even an illegal visit to a bakery after a hectic day at the office won’t deter you from your goal.

16- Use visuals frequently

Imagine that you are, for example, on the beach in a skimpy swimsuit and looking at your body with pleasure. Or that you can easily fit into your favorite skirt. By imagining that you are there, it will be easier for you to find the strength to resist food temptations. Positive images work wonders!

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