How does yoga affect the spine?

Does yoga reduce back pain? Can children practice yoga? Our yoga teacher explains how and why it is worthwhile to start practicing yoga.

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Summer is the time for a healthy spine!

The practice of yoga combined with a healthy diet brings spectacular results. There is a reason why yoga is often included in the group of physical and mental exercises, whose main determinant is the simultaneous improvement of body, mind, and spirit. Since a statistical pole spends about 12 hours a day in a sitting position, the summertime, when the sunny days are getting longer, is an additional motivation to take care of your health and your spine.

  • Yoga for the Spine classes is designed for people who already have a back problem or who simply want to strengthen their spine as a prophylactic measure. Yoga for the Spine is a specially selected set of yoga postures that, if done regularly and correctly, provide significant relief and strengthen the muscles of the spine. These classes should always be led by a qualified yoga teacher who is also an experienced physical therapist. The practice of physiotherapy combined with yoga is one of the most effective forms of care for a healthy spine – explains our yoga teacher.

Yoga doesn’t just change the body

Practicing yoga reduces back pain, according to a study by scientists at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle.

In addition, according to scientists at the National Institute of Health, led by Dr. Kimberly Williams of West Virginia University, the practice of yoga not only significantly reduces pain but also has a positive effect on overall movement skills and improves mood.

My first experience with yoga was more than 15 years ago – says our yoga teacher. – I remember my surprise after the first class when it seemed to me that I was very strong and fit, and it turned out that I was totally lost. At the same time, I really liked this “feeling”. Practicing yoga has made me more disciplined in my life and open to others. Plus, of course, it made me feel good. Now, after more than 15 years of intense practice, I simply can’t imagine a day without yoga.

Yoga for beginners - which exercises to start with

Where to start practicing yoga?

Yoga can be practiced under the guidance of experienced teachers – yogis in yoga schools or fitness clubs, the yoga adventure can also be started during the vacation departure. But what should you always remember?

  • It is best to start practicing yoga under the supervision of a qualified teacher. His or her knowledge and skills will be necessary to perform the exercises correctly. Before choosing a place where we will practice yoga, it is worth checking the qualifications of the teacher we have chosen. Is he or she a certified instructor or has he or she participated in a teacher training program? Whether he or she has studied at home or abroad. Although the final verification of this information will take place during the first course. As far as yoga schools or fitness clubs where classes are held, both options have their advantages. In the case of yoga schools, the classes are taught by several teachers, which allows you to choose the one that suits you best. And fitness clubs also have the advantage that, as part of the pass purchased, you can also participate in other classes – explains our yoga teacher.

Is yoga good for kids?

  • In the case of children and the period of their development, the most important is the overall movement generally understood, not necessarily yoga classes. Yoga for children is most recommended when the youngest has problems with concentration and focus. Children should not stay in static positions for long, so yoga classes for children, unlike classes for adults, are much more dynamic. While leading yoga classes for children in Warsaw Montessori schools and kindergartens for many years, I noticed that children who exercise are not only more agile but also feel their bodies better. My children do yoga from time to time, but it is not their only activity. In the winter we play field hockey together or go skiing and in the summer we go swimming. In the case of the youngest and most spine-conscious, the most important thing is movement – summarizes our yoga teacher.
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