Exercises for varicose veins – a collection of the best suggestions

Proper movement and exercise will help you fight varicose veins! Find out what sports you should do.

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How to prevent varicose veins?

Movement is one of the best methods of preventing varicose veins. The main exercises for varicose veins are those that activate the so-called muscle pump (that is, calf muscles whose pressure on the veins improves blood circulation). Belong to them:

  • cycling and inline skating
  • jogging, walking on hilly terrain
  • swimming
  • exercises on the stepper

Exercises for varicose veins

As often as possible (on weekends, even several times a day), exercise your legs at home or at work. The simplest exercise is the so-called bicycle (lying on your back, bend your legs, and make movements similar to pedaling) or climbing on your toes (at least for a minute). When sitting at your desk, move your feet frequently. Move them up and down first, then in circular motions.

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