Can you lose weight with yoga?

Yoga is one of the most popular exercise techniques practiced by women today. Many of them complain about being overweight, but the typical aerobic exercises for many of them are out of reach for various reasons, usually health. In this situation, yoga could be a rescue, but can you really lose weight by practicing yoga?

In most cases, a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for unnecessary pounds. Yoga, which works to stretch and flex your muscles, can remedy this problem. While aerobics requires great mobility, yoga can be a sport practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. In addition, it not only slims the figure, but also allows you to burn unnecessary calories and provides the spiritual balance that everyone is currently missing.

A few moments a day

Yoga exercises are now accessible to everyone. In every bookstore or kiosk, you can buy a book or a movie about yoga. The practice of yoga has become widely available, so it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to devote those few moments to exercise.

The daily practice of Hatha Yoga certainly contributes to important flexibility of the body in exercise. Here are some basic exercises that will allow you to lose a few extra pounds in a simple and safe way:

  • bent warrior – we make a large lunge with our left leg, then bend it at the knee; we also make a lunge with our right leg, but leave it straight; then you should bend your torso forward and twist it to the left so that you catch your elbow on the bent knee; you need to stay in this position for at least 20 seconds, and then, after resting, perform a few more sets of turns;
  • still cracks – the starting position is lying on your back, arms by your sides and knees bent so that your feet rest firmly on the ground; slowly get up so that your hands slowly move from your thighs to your knees; you should stay in this position for about 30 seconds; after resting, you should perform min. 5 sets of exercises
  • leg strap – lie on your stomach, rest your head on the crossed arms, then slightly lift the ground and lower your feet for about 20 seconds; after this time, rest for 20 seconds, then repeat the exercise; it is best to do about 5 sets per day.
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The yogi’s diet

The regular practice of yoga itself is certainly extremely effective and certainly brings benefits in the form of weight loss. However, you must always remember that exercise is one thing and diet is another. You must never forget that if you want to lose weight, you must also take a good look at your diet and possibly give up some of the goodies. If one has a very strong will, he can take advice from the yogis and apply their diet, the so-called sattvic diet based on a fresh vegetarian diet. However, for many people, this is unfortunately out of reach, either because of health reasons or food preferences. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to follow yogic advice from time to time, if only to cleanse your body of unnecessary and harmful ingredients. Use from time to time The sattvic diet also helps the human body to eat less. However, there is no doubt that this requires the will of the slimmer himself.

If you want to lose unnecessary pounds, you should always go to a dietician. Only a doctor is able to correctly position a person to lose weight in a way that is completely healthy and safe for their body. A visit to a doctor and a fitness trainer is certainly the best solution for a slimmer person and this is what you should especially remember.

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