Birch juice – how to drink? Discover the properties of birch sap

Birch juice cleanses the body, helps you lose weight and supports the body’s function. How much birch sap can you drink? To cleanse the body, drink 2 glasses of birch sap per day.

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Birch sap has a diuretic effect, improves immunity, and prevents anemia, but these are not all the valuable properties of birch sap. Birch juice is also ideal for hair and skin – birch water for hair can be used, for example, as a rinse.

How much birch sap can you drink and how can you drink birch sap to cleanse the body and fill vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

Properties of the birch sap

Birch juice is a real wealth of vitamins and minerals. Birch water improves the functioning of the whole body, filling in deficiencies. It contains a lot of vitamin C as well as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

It is also credited with breaking down kidney stones and supporting the work of the digestive system. By drinking birch sap, you can also cleanse the body of toxins.

Here are the most valuable properties of birch sap:

  • prevents thrombosis and ischemic heart disease,
  • soothes rheumatic pain (used in the form of birch sap ointment),
  • prevents the appearance of anemia,
  • strengthens immunity (it is worth drinking birch sap especially in spring and autumn),
  • has an antipyretic and analgesic effect (juice from the birch buds),
  • relieves pain in gastric ulcers,
  • supports the healing of wounds,
  • strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss,
  • has a diuretic effect,
  • helps to clean the body,
  • supports the functioning of the liver.
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Birch juice – how much to drink?

How much birch sap can you drink to stay healthy? The recommended amount is 2 glasses per day, for a period of 3 weeks.

Birch sap treatments should be done several times a year, in cycles of about 3 weeks each. It is recommended to consume about 2 glasses per day – one twice a day, or less: 1/4 cup three times a day.

After the birch sap treatment, it is worthwhile to continue to cleanse the body in order to keep a slim figure. This can be done with weight loss shakes. It is a combination of pleasant and useful: a delicious taste and valuable properties.

Birch water to drink – which one to choose?

Birch sap can be obtained from the tree trunk, birch leaves, and buds. Birch trunk juice contains the most valuable ingredients.

The healthiest juice is freshly squeezed, without unnecessary additives, and especially without sugar, sweeteners, and preservatives. It can be difficult to get it yourself, but fortunately, 100% natural juices are available in pharmacies and health food or herbal stores.

Birch sap can be drunk by adults and children, but be careful if the birch sprinkles make you allergic. Drinking birch sap is then not recommended: there may be a skin rash, itching, nausea.

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