BIO food – what does it mean?

A better and healthier diet means a better and healthier life! Why is it worthwhile to bet on Bio food? How can I find such products? Does healthy eating mean to sacrifice?

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Everything we eat and drink affects our health, well-being, and appearance, so it pays to consciously choose what we put on our plates.

If we change our habits now, both ours and our family’s, we will welcome spring and summer in better shape: healthier, stronger, more resilient, with more energy, a more shapely figure, better skin, stronger nails, and shinier hair!

It’s not just about giving up low-value snacks or artificially colored drinks and choosing their healthier counterparts (e.g., replacing white flour with whole grains and sugar with honey), but also the quality of individual products, e.g., yogurt, eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables and so on.

What is the difference between organic products and conventional foods?

First of all, they are produced in an ecological way. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are grown without phytosanitary products and farm animals are fed without antibiotics or synthetic additives. All activities at each stage of production are carried out with respect for the natural environment – without exposing it to contamination of soil, groundwater, etc.

All this means that by choosing BIO products, we are using them twice: we are eating healthily and thus providing our body with everything it needs, and at the same time we care for the environment in which we live.

Healthy, but without sacrifice

Because there are so many choices, changing your eating habits doesn’t have to be associated with sacrifices. You don’t have to give anything up, and that goes for snacks and sweets too – just choose their healthier, more precious version!

How to prepare Popcorn without fat?

Does your child love spread chocolate hazelnut cream on a roll? You don’t have to say no because among the ORGANIC products you’ll find a delicious ORGANIC-ecological hazelnut cream. Do you like to snack on coffee cookies? Here you go, there are many, for example, wheat and wheat BIO cookies with sesame or cocoa muffins. Among the ORGANIC products, there are even healthy chips.

Don’t always feel like cooking and looking for dishes to heat up in the microwave? No problem, they also have an ORGANIC version, for example, bulgur with spicy tomato sauce and leek balls.

And the prices? there is nothing to fear because organic products do not have to be expensive.

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