7 exercises to help you do the splits! How to stretch?

The split is a point of honor for many practitioners. However, it requires perfect stretching. Here are some exercises that will bring you closer to success!

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The twine is one of the acrobatic tricks that require long and intense preparation. How fast you do it depends on 3 factors: the degree of stretching, genetic predisposition, and age. However, the most important thing is to stretch your body. What exercises will help you succeed?

1- Forward Lunges

Move your right leg forward and bend your knee at a right angle (make sure the knee does not extend past your toes). Pull your left hand back and straighten it as much as possible. Try to stay in this position for 30 to 40 seconds, then switch legs.

2- Pull your foot towards your buttock

Kneel on the floor and straighten your back. Do not bend your hips, try to keep your balance. Grab your foot and pull it toward your buttock. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Push your hip forward to deepen the movement. This exercise will help you stretch your front thigh muscles.

3- Kneeling Stretch

Kneel on one leg and the other leg forward and bend your knee at a right angle. Remember not to put your knee in front of your foot. Move the leg you are kneeling on backward and start pressing your pelvis against the floor. Hold this position for 30 to 40 seconds.

4- The sitting obstacle

Sit down on the floor. Bend your right leg at a 90-degree angle so that your foot is behind you. Extend your left leg and throw it to the side (the angle between your thighs should be at least 90 degrees). Bend your torso toward your left leg, keeping your back straight, then grab the foot and stay there for about 30 seconds. Then unscrew the bent leg and hold for another 30 seconds.

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5- Stretching the muscles of the back leg

Do the exercise at the table. Stand with your back to the furniture and place the back of your right foot on it. Your back should be straight. Bend toward the leg you are standing on as you exhale. Endure as much as you can and return to the starting position.

6- The warrior position

Sit on an obstacle, but this time pull the bent leg as close to your buttock as possible. Then, begin to gradually lean back until you lie on your back. This exercise can be done with both legs bent.

7- Stretch at the table

Stand facing the table (which should reach your hip height) and place your right foot against it so that the angle between your thigh and left leg is 90 degrees. Exhale, bend toward your right leg (hold for 30 seconds), then lift your torso and bend toward the leg you are standing on (also hold for 30 seconds).

10 rules of proper stretching

Making a string is only possible when you have reached the appropriate degree of stretching. To get it, you need to practice systematically and correctly. It turns out that many people make cardinal mistakes when performing them. So how do you stretch correctly and effectively?

  1. Before you start exercising, remember to warm up for at least 10 minutes! Otherwise, you’ll get hurt
  2. Don’t stretch beyond your capabilities – you will over-stretch your muscles and get sore muscles
  3. Relax – do not tense your muscles at all
  4. You need to do the exercises so you can feel the “muscle pull
  5. Fingers should always be pinched
  6. Remember to keep your knees straight during each exercise
  7. Start with a little stretching, systematically increase the load
  8. Do not do pulsating (jerky) movements!
  9. Do the exercises symmetrically, ALWAYS on both legs, because no muscle group can be stretched more than the other
  10. Do not perform static stretches before an intense physical workout.
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