4 causes related to a healthy diet

Does your waistline grow a few inches, sometimes several inches, during the day? The reason may surprise you. A healthy diet can contribute to the appearance of flatulence. How is this possible? Continue reading.

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1- You started eating more vegetables and fruits day after day

Have you decided to eat healthier? I’m all for it! The first thing you changed (and rightly so) was to increase the number of raw vegetables and fruits in your diet. This, in turn, is always associated with more dietary fiber, which is a component of the cell walls of plant products. Dietary fiber is an ingredient that is not digested by the enzymes of the digestive tract. In the large intestine, it is partially broken down by intestinal bacteria that produce gas. This is what makes your belly bigger. Don’t worry, this condition will pass. The large intestine adapts to more dietary fiber about 2 weeks after the diet change. If the effect of flatulence makes your daily functioning difficult, the following methods will be used: ½ raw vegetables/fruit; ½ cooked.

2- You have switched to the juice diet

Recently, on mypersonal-trainer.com, I advised against the juice diet as a rigorous and deficient way to lose weight, and now it is joined by another reason. If there is at least one fruit in every juice you drink during the day, you are certainly consuming a lot of fructose. Too much fructose can ferment in the gastrointestinal tract, causing bloating, distension, and diarrhea. Vegetable and fruit juices yes, but no more than 2 servings per day.

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3- You have trouble snacking

You’re tempted by a cookie, but you try to restrain yourself and reach for a piece of sugar-free gum. Do you do this several times a day? That’s why your stomach is bloated. Gum is sweetened with sweeteners from the polyol group (polyhydric alcohols), which intensify gas production by the natural microbiota in the digestive tract. In addition, chewing gum is associated with swallowing air, which intensifies the “balloon” effect.

4- You are reducing meat

Do you want to reduce your meat intake, so have you included more legumes in your diet? Pods are a good source of vegetable protein, an alternative to animal protein, but they also contain a lot of dietary fiber, both water-soluble and insoluble. After eating them, the bacteria that live in the large intestine get back into “action”. When you start your “adventure” with beans, eat them in various forms: boiled seeds, cream soups, bread spreads. This way, you reduce the formation of flatulence, because whole seeds are the gassiest. Remember also the appropriate water intake, thanks to which the water-soluble fiber swells, which increases its availability to bacteria.

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