10 Foods You Should Eat to Lose Weight

Wondering what to eat to lose weight? Focus on foods that promote fat burning. Include them in your daily menu today and watch your weight drop week by week as you get closer to your goal.

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They are known not only for their good taste, but also for their effectiveness: they deceive hunger, accelerate the metabolism and strengthen the muscles. They are a necessary part of any healthy diet to burn fat. Remember this every day and you will lose weight for sure!

1. Almonds and nuts

  • Main benefits: rebuild muscle mass, satisfy hunger perfectly.
  • Secret weapons: proteins, monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, folic acid (in peanuts), phosphorus.
  • Benefits: counter obesity, heart disease, muscle wasting, as well as cancer, hypertension, wrinkles
  • Good company: avocados, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds
  • Avoid: salted and roasted peanuts (they contain sodium which causes an increase in blood pressure)

Almonds are the most valuable of all types of nuts. A handful of them covers half of the body’s daily requirement of vitamin E, almost 20% of the daily standard of magnesium (necessary for muscle building) and 8% of calcium. People who include them in their daily diet are full for a long time and have less appetite.

2. Beans and other legumes

  • Main benefits: Helps build muscle and fat burning, regulates digestion
  • Secret weapon: fiber, protein, iron, folic acid
  • Benefits: fights obesity, colon cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure
  • Good company: lentils, peas, soybeans, hummus (chickpea paste)
  • Avoid: refried beans (contains saturated fat)

Beans are great for satisfying hunger. It’s low in calories, high in protein, fiber, and iron – ingredients needed to build muscle and promote fat burning. Here’s a good rule of thumb: try to replace a meat meal with a legume meal several times a week. The most valuable are: soybeans, chickpeas, beans: black, white, kidney.

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